Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr. Seuss and more

I honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday today, we read What was I scared of? from The Sneetches, and My Many-Colored Days. That second book has words by Dr. Seuss, and pictures by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher, in a very un-Seussian style, though I like the illustrations anyway.

The flannelboard rhyme was Willy O'Dwyer Jumped into the Fire, a "don't try this at home" nursery rhyme.  Here are the words:

Willy O'Dwyer jumped into the fire,        
The fire was so hot, he jumped into the pot,
The pot was so wee, he jumped into the sea,
The sea was so big that he jumped on a pig,
The pig was so small that he jumped on a wall,
He got there so soon that he jumped to the moon,
He had so much fun, he jumped to the sun,
The sun was so hot, he jumped back in the pot.
Out of the pot and into the fire,
And that was the end of Willy O'Dwyer.

In my version, Willy O'Dwyer is a leprechaun. I always like to use this rhyme around St. Patrick's Day.
Here he is in his closeup.

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