Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Readasaurus Rex Rules!

During the Orland Free Library's Centennial Week in February, I emptied the coins out of our Readasaurus Rex. I was quite surprised at how much money he had in his clear plastic tummy. Enough to buy three new picture books!

Today we celebrated by reading all three new books at storytime. We read:

Interrupting Chicken, by David Ezra Stein

Little White Rabbit, by Kevin Henkes

Worms for Lunch?, by Leonid Gore

Each book has a sticker in the front which says: "This READASAURUS REX book was donated by Orland Free Library children and parents." A few pennies, nickels and dimes at a time, and it all added up to three wonderful books.

Since one of the books had worms in it, we made wiggly worms for our craft.

To make a worm you will need:
A strip of craft foam 1" x 9"
A chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
Hole punch
Wiggly eyes

Round the ends of the foam strip. Punch a series of holes and thread the chenille stem trough the holes. Bend the stem at each end so it doesn't pull through. Add two wiggly eyes. Done!

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