Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Safari to Africa

The vast continent of Africa was today's storytime destination. The lion puppet taught the the kids to say "Hello" in Swahili---Jambo! We sang an Ella Jenkins' song: "Jambo, jambo sanna, jambo."

We read (and sang) If You're Happy by Jane Cabrera, which has lots of African animals in it clapping, roaring, nodding, and going "Kiss, kiss!" We also read Awful Aardvark by Mwalimu, about a snoring aardvark who gets routed by a mongoose, monkeys, a lion, a rhino, and a bunch of termites. We had a flannelboard story about Crocodile and Hen, and why Hen calls crocodile "brother."

At the end we said "Kwaheri!"  Goodbye!

For a craft we made masks. Feathers, pipe cleaners, beads, stickers, foam features---lots of ways to decorate a mask.

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