Friday, July 20, 2012

Owl in the Treetop

Last week our storytime was about owls and other creatures of the night. 

Probably my favorite song for learning the kids names is "Owl in the Treetop," sung to the tune of "Skip to My Lou."  Goes like this:

Owl in the treetop, hoo-hoo-hoo  (kids love hoo-hooing)
Owl in the treetop, hoo-hoo-hoo
Owl in the treetop, hoo-hoo-hoo
Who-who-who are you?

Point to a child and have them respond with their name, then sing again. I f you have too many kids to sing this for each child, put two or three together: "Who-who-who are you (response), and you (response), and you (response)?"

We read the books Quiet Night by Marilyn Singer, and I'm Not Cute, by Jonathan Allen. A couple other good books for this theme are Little Owl's Night, by Divya Srinivasan, and Owl Babies, by Martin Waddell.

The craft was a paper bag owl.  To make your owl, start by cutting the open end of a brown lunch bag down three inches and around three sides.

Fold the sides of the flap to make a triangle and fold down.  Stuff the bag lightly and then glue the flap down.  Now you are ready to "decorate" your owl.  Add eyes, beak, tummy, wings, and feather "ears." 

We have sheets of left over round white stickers from the labels that we put on CDs. I colored (well, I had a teen volunteer do it) the stickers yellow. The kids stuck the yellow stickers on little white paper circles and then colored in the eyes.    And there's your owl!!

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