Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hoppy September!

Today we had a hopping good time at the Library and at Head Start. Once a month I take my show on the road and go to Orland's Chapman Head Start site to do two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions. In between I do the regular library pre-school storytime. It's great practice!

Our books were:

Who Hops?/Quien Salta? by Katie Davis.  When I ordered this book I didn't know I'd be getting a bi-lingual version, but I'm happy I did. At one of the Head Start session a teacher read the Spanish while I did the English. Great!

Boing! by Nick Bruel. This is a fun story about a little kangaroo, who fails at hopping until she cleans out her pouch, which is overloaded with ribbons, marbles, toys, buttons, and assorted other stuff. Once she gets that taken care of she can Boing! with the best of them.

Of course, we did some hoppy songs, like "I Saw a Little Rabbit" and "One little, two little, three little bunnies."  Here's the words for the first one:

I saw a little rabbit come hop, hop, hop.
I saw his long ears go flop, flop, flop.
I saw his little eyes goes blink, blink, blink.
I saw his little nos go twink, twink, twink.
I said, "Mr. Rabbit can you stay, stay, stay?"
He looked at me, and then he hopped away!

On the flannelboard I did a great new game: Miss Mouse in the House. I thought that I got the idea from Mel's Desk (she has lots of flannelboard ideas), but she doesn't have a pattern, so I borrowed my mouse from Rain makes Applesauce.  Or here's another version.  Mine looks like this:
Hide Miss Mouse behind one of the houses as you put them on the board, then chant:
Miss Mouse, Miss Mouse, Are you in the ____ house?
 Look under the house, she's not there?, try again.  Kids LOVE this.  It was an enormous success.  I did three rounds of hiding Miss Mouse with each group, which means I played the Miss Mouse game 15 times. Or maybe more---I'm not sure.

Make your own Miss Mouse, and have a fun time at storytime!

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