Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fly, Fly Away

Today it was birds---Kevin Henkes Birds and The Baby Beebee Bird, by Diane Redfield Massie. I'm really glad that the latter book was reissued with new illustrations by Steven Kellogg a few years ago. It's a fun story, and the kids like to "beebee bobbi beebee bobbi" along with with that wide-awake little bird.

One of our rhymes was "Two Little Blackbirds."

Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill, (hold two index fingers in front of you)
One named Jack and one named Jill.  (wiggle one finger, then the other)
Fly away Jack, fly away Jill, (Put each finger behind your back)
Come back Jack, come back Jill.  (bring them back out front.)

You can change this one up by singing about:

Two little blackbirds sitting on a cloud
One named Soft, and one named Loud
Two little blackbirds sitting in the snow,
One named High, and one named Low. (or Fast and Slow)  With the appropriate voice and gestures.

Our craft was---you guessed it---birds, as seen here:  I love the No Time for Flashcards blog. She has lots of great craft ideas, especially for the younger set. This one was so pretty that I really wanted to do it, even though I knew it wasn't an easy one for children to do. Fan-folding is too tricky for many of them. But they got to color their wings and put the whole thing together.

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