Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Easiest Fall Craft Ever and Why I Didn't Do It

This craft is fun and so easy. Take a piece of masking tape, preferably wide tape, and wrap it loosely around your child's wrist. Once or twice around is enough. Send him or her outside to pick up leaves and stick them to the tape. Voila! Instant Fall Leaf Bracelet!

This is fun, easy, and gets your child outside playing with nature. What's not to love about that?

So why didn't I do it today, like I had planned? The Orland Library is situated in Library Park, a block-size park with lots of trees that right now are shedding their leaves. Yesterday there was a nice and colorful variety of leaves on the grass. This morning I get to work, and the guy from Public Works is mowing the grass and chewing up all the leaves. There goes my craft project.

So I had to go with the back-up plan. Tissue paper leaves on a construction paper tree. Fine, but not outstanding like the leaf bracelet.

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