Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Some extra kids today---Hooray!  I like seeing new faces.

Nothing very exciting at storytime, but here's a little song that we had fun with:

Picking Apples (to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Picking apples, picking apples  
One by one, one by one
Put them in a basket, put them in a basket
Oh what fun, Oh what fun!

As you sing, reach up and pick apples, then circle one arm and pretend to drop apples in. Sing this 3 or 4 times, getting faster each time. The kids enjoyed it. 

For a craft, we did apple prints. This was an ideal use for the leftover little apples from our tree that I still had in the fridge. But I didn't have enough, so I had to buy a few apples too. Plus, of course, the kids wanted to eat some apples, and they weren't supposed to eat the apples that had paint on them. So I sliced up a few nice apples for snacks.

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