Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Fun

I didn't mean it to be almost all witches today; it just turned out that way.  We read Ghosts in the House, by Kasuno Kohara (a delightful story about a little girl witch who knows what to do with all the ghosts in her new house), and Winnie the Witch, by Korky Paul (about the problem of having an all-black cat in an all-black house.) Winnie seems to be popular in the UK, but seldom seen in the US.

I also did Jean Stangl's papercut story A Little Orange House. I've been using this story every since I saw it in Highlights magazine some 25 years ago. You can find pictures online for how to do the paper cutting, but not the story. Look up the pictures and make up your own story about a wee witch and her wee cat who need a cozy home for the winter. Fold a piece of orange paper and then cut the roof, the door, a little door for the cat, and a window, and then see what you have when you unfold it. I also add a little box to the side for firewood---that turns into the pumpkin stem. A fun story, and always a surprise.

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